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Our blanket blocks up to 99.9% radiation emitted by smart home devices while being comfortable and durable.


Meet Hyggo

From our first baby blanket to the comforter we turn to every night, blankets are one of our most personal possessions. Reinforced with our silver Radiawear™ fabric and paired with the finest and softest cotton, the HYGGO blanket shields 99.9% of radiation emitted by electronic devices. It is a maternity blanket, a new born wrap with hoodie and a lap blanket for use by everyone.

person wearing hyggo anti radiation blanket while using its phone

Everyday Technology

Lined With Radiawear™ Silver

radiawear silver linen material against emf radiation
pregnant woman holding her womb

Naturally Sourced Fabrics

Customer Reviews

We love knowing our little guy is  protected when he´s playing on the iPad.

R. Greeland

Makes the perfect gift for the mother-to-be!

M. Drecker

This should be required for every mom and child. We have no idea what radiation from our tech is doing to our kids.

J. Davidson