Our Blanket

The blanket is handmade in Vancouver, Canada using finest materials.

We selected the finest fabrics available to ensure great quality and durability for our blankets. Both variants will comfort you from day one. We decided to offer a bamboo variant to help customers with sensitive skins or allergies.

Dry clean or wash in cold water only and hang to dry.

At the moment we offer charcoal, chocolate and turquoise. We are planning to design new blankets in the future. For any updates sign up to our newsletter below.


Yes & No. 5G towers operate at different frequencies that can range from 2.5 GHz up to over 25 Ghz. Our blanket is capable of blocking 99.9% radiation up to the range of 8 Ghz. That includes LTE, wifi, smartphones, tablets etc..

EMF stands for electro magentic field. Most technologies emit radiation that is suspected to negatively affect our health. For further information on radiation check out our Product page. 


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