Our Story

We have been friends since early childhood, nature lovers and keen sportsmen. We spent many nights sitting together brainstorming about starting a meaningful business that could make a difference and how wonderful it could be to live an entrepreneurial life. Along the way we each met our wonderful partners and we both have have healthy inspiring young kids.

lake during summer surrounded by a forest

With our families in mind we had the idea for a business. We embrace the freedom, convenience and entertainment that technology enables. However, we don’t believe everything they tell us. After researching and learning about the potential dangers of electronic magnetic radiation emitted by our cherished devices we were shocked to see that more wasn’t being done to create awareness and provide protection.

Our kids and their health are most important to us and given that the youngest among us are the most vulnerable to radiation, we set out to develop a product that would offer protection. The Hyggo blanket was born!

The world Hyggo is a conjunction of two Danish words. Hygge + Godt. Godt means well while hygge is a bit more difficult to define as it embraces a state of being of coziness, comfort, wellness and contentment. It wasn’t a coincidence that we went with a Danish name as one of our partners is Danish, the other one European who naturally prize good design with lasting quality. We are proud that each Hyggo blanket is handmade in Canada, we ensure the highest standards and ethically sourced safe materials as we only want the best for our little ones and mothers.

There you have it! The Hyggo blanket is the culmination of our time, effort, research and care to create product that allows you to enjoy your technology while keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.
Live well, stay safe and be cozy!